Lean Manufacturing

metalmachiningLean Manufacturing transformation takes root at the onset when a New England Lean Consulting professional partners with your organization’s leaders. We don’t just show up at your facility and make recommendations. We work side by side with you and your employees to deliver longstanding results.

The Continuous Improvement Journey begins by addressing root causes of operational wastes. We define conditions that are in need of improvement, set targeted goals, and pinpoint obstacles to address in reaching those goals. Benefits include improved visual management, increased efficiency, standardization of work methods, total company involvement, more efficient use of space, a safer work environment, and improved employee morale. Change is required to bring about improvements, so we identify obstacles to help your company face challenges head-on. Change is naturally met with resistance, so training people within your manufacturing facility to adapt to new processes is critical. Our focus is in getting everyone on board – especially long term employees who may see no reason to depart from the ways things “have always been done.” With problem-solving and thinking strategies in place, every employee can have a contribution to the realization of improvements throughout the organization.

At New England Lean Consulting, we’ve lead lean manufacturing transformations from your seat, so we know what it’s like trying to maintain the balance between long-term goals and short-term need. Today, we use our years of experience to help our clients speed up their Lean transformations and avoid costly mistakes along the way.

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