schoolAlthough Lean is a new concept to be included in education, the principles hold true and can pay big benefits for both employee engagement and district goal attainment.

Every year, school administrators are challenged to balance the needs of staff and students against constrained municipal budgets and ever-increasing demands for higher student achievement. This is a difficult position to be in, but Lean offers a pathway toward bridging this gap. By engaging Lean methods, districts can realize many benefits:

  • Increase the learning output for pupils by providing them with more time for learning and teachers with more time for teaching, thereby increasing the quality of learning,
  • Improve the working environment by creating a more efficient atmosphere at the school and removing wasteful practices in the administration of classes and duties,
  • Increased employee engagement through Respect for People by adopting a “make many small positive changes frequently” approach and empowering employees to implement changes,
  • Reduced operational costs by removing wasteful processes and non-value added activities, allowing staff to focus on their primary responsibilities.

CASE STUDY: Public School uses Lean Thinking