Two managers are walking down the hall, talking about training their direct reports…

Manager 1: “What if we go through with training them and they just leave? We’ll have invested all this time, money and effort and gotten nothing for it in return.”

Manager 2: “Yeah, but what if we don’t train them and they stay?”

In the USA, 3 million workers quit their jobs every month. One of the biggest reasons people cite for leaving a job is that they didn’t feel that they were being engaged – not by their work, their boss nor their organization. When someone quits, it creates a lot more work for the people who remain – for former co-workers, who now must “pick up the slack”, to managers and HR who must search for, find, vet and then train a replacement. This cycle costs trillions of dollars – all of which could have been avoided for mere pennies on the dollar.

Training is an integral part of solving this problem. When employees receive formal training, they report an increased job satisfaction because they feel more valuable to the organization. Likewise, the company receives the all the benefits that come along with a more highly trained workforce.

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