Critchley_TWP-1_3DFor some of us, life is a wonderful experience full of personal and professional success. We have the careers we’ve always dreamed of and eagerly look forward to Monday morning.

For most of us, however, this isn’t the case. We feel as if we’re stuck in a rut and try as we may, we can’t seem to make a significant breakthrough into the life we really want for ourselves. It’s a struggle far too many people face each and every day… and it needs to stop! Living an unsatisfying life affects us in 4 major ways:

Physically – my physical body and my health

Emotionally – my emotions and my ability to control them

Intellectually – what I know and how I grow my knowledge

Spiritually – how I take care of my inward health

The authors in this book are experts in one or more of these four areas and share the secrets to their success. Their stories are your stories. They experienced feelings of dissatisfaction with the status quo, and they took the steps to break through. It wasn’t always easy or fun, but the long-term benefits have been worth it! Read about their stories, and their journeys, and you, too, can experience the success we all strive for!