About Us

New England Lean Consulting is the Northeast’s premier business consulting firm, helping small-to-medium sized businesses with strategic leadership and operational methodologies that help your company lower costs, increase capacity and win more customers. Our industry experienced consultants provide guidance with the latest business solutions that help you to grow your business deliberately and strategically in order to sustain a long-term competitive advantage within the marketplace.

What we do & How we can help you

Total Business Transformation

New England Lean Consulting is your strategic partner for creating systems and processes to build the value of your company by lowering operational costs, removing wasteful activities, and leveraging the latest in operational excellence methods. Our Total Business Transformation Program will help you increase your sales and expand your capacity by employing the latest OpEx techniques and best-in-class industry practices.

Lean and Operational Excellence

Our experienced consultants can help you increase profits, increase efficiency and expand capacity by uncovering and eliminating wastes, streamlining workflow, and improving process efficiencies through the use of Lean methodologies. Applications aren’t limited to manufacturing; Lean can be applied anywhere, to any process or vlaue stream, to deliver the most value to your customers.

ISO & Quality Management

New England Lean Consulting helps you to earn industry quality certifications and develop stronger internal quality management systems. Hand in hand with Continuous Improvement, a strong Quality Management System will help you reduce costs and increase throughput, allowing you to win more new business.


New England Lean Consulting offers a suite of training programs that will help you improve your company’s performance through employee development and Respect for People. Our programs include Six Sigma Yellow, Green and Black Belt certifications, Lean methodologies and ISO auditing, to name but a few. We are strategic partners with numerous government agencies throughout New England as well, which allows you to access grant monies that other, less qualified firms simply cannot offer.